Artist, DJ, Music Producer, Technologist, and Sound Engineer.

Jerzy Gronostalski was born in Poland. His passion for electronic music began early in his life. At 13 he used Real-to-Real tape decks to DJ for his classmates. In the late 80s, he emigrated to Silicon Valley, California. After 20 years in the world of computer networks and technology, he returned to his musical roots. In 2010 he created – live play DJ online community. He performed multiple times at Burning Man and regional events – Deep Playa, SOAK, Element 11 and Oregon’s SHIFT.
Jerzy Del Mar sound style of music evolved through the years from New Wave through Trance to Playa Tech – somewhere between Deep House, Progressive, Chill and Melodic House and Techno. His music sets are full of energy, melody, and grooves that will take you on an unforgettable emotional journey.
Since 2017 he began to travel and fell in love with a nomadic way of life. He designed and built his custom sound system and often performs music mixes at “off the grid” locations. He also produces Jerzy Del Mar music podcast. His debut tracks “Pura Vida” and “Jungling Love” ware released in 2018 on Duo Box Understream Record Label.


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