Artist, DJ, Technologist.

From an early age, Jerzy loved music. Growing up in Poland during the “Iron Curtain” times, created unique challenges and experiences. Most western music was hard to get and the majority was on tapes. At the age of 12, he used Real-to-Real tape decks to DJ for his classmates.

In the late 80s, he emigrated with his wife Ela to Silicon Valley, California. The local music scene was very different and despite his numerous DJ attempts, Jerzy lost himself to the world of computer networks and technology. 20 years later he returned to his DJ-ing roots and created the online live DJ community, Tranceformers.
Since 2017 he has focused his time on music production and live performances. His converted RV school bus has become his music production studio.
Jerzy loves to perform at off-grid locations, his favorite has been the Black Rock Desert. He has performed for various camps at Burning Man and at regional events like SOAK and Element 11. Jerzy’s March 2018 opener set for Jody Wisternoff in Atlanta’s legendary, “The Music Room” club is one of his most popular shows by listeners.

Jerzy’s music mixes reflect his vibrant personality and positive vibes. They are full of stories and groovy beats that will take you on an unforgettable dance journey. 

His debut tracks, Pura Vida and Jungling Love were released on Duo Box Understream Record Label on Nov 01, 2018.

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